The Decisive Battle
Season 1 Episode 24
Kanji 第二十四章決戦
Rōmaji Kessen
English The Decisive Battle
Air Date September 20, 2015
Written By Kazuhiro Ozawa
Directed By Yasuto Nishikita
Opening Uzu to Uzu
Ending One Light
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The Battle of the Keep of Saint-Emmanuel
The Highway of Blood and Sweat
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The Decisive Battle (第二十四章決戦 Kessen? ) is the 24th episode of the Arslan Senki Anime Series. It aired on September 20, 2015.


Arslan is escorted by his subjects deep inside of the keeps of Saint-Emmanuel where he confronts Silver Mask in an attempt to call his cousin to reason. However, Hilmes refuses to listen and challenges Daryun to a duel.


Thinking Arslan made fool of her after he tells her who he is, she attempts to strike him with her sword, but is blocked by Elam. Elam is non-fatally injured in his stomach, and Narsus and Farangis arrive at the camp outnumbering Etoile's squad. Her men press her to retreat, setting the tent aflame to prevent Arslan's group from blocking the former's retreat. Alfreed tries pursuing them, but Narsus tells her to only follow them, as there must be a hidden passage across the hills. While returning to the fortress, Etoile realizes she missed many opportunities to kill Arslan.
At nights, Daryun returns from the battlefield and is told that Arslan is in good health. Alfreed returns with intel of the passage, and a plan is created to take the keep. The following day, Alfreed lead Parsian soldiers to the hidden passage and enter the fortress as Arslan launches a massive cavalry charge. Alfreed's soldiers manage to seize control of the opening system. The opening of the gate permit the vangard led by Zaravant, Tus and Esfan to repulse the Lusitanian Troops from the gate's area and the cavalry to entered the Keep. A bloody battle ensued, in which Kubard make knows his presence to Arslan. Arslan's party left him to fight the Lusitanian and give him a acces to confront the Lusitanian Commander and Hilmes, including Narsus who fight Sam when the laster came out of the Throne's room with troops in order to repulse the Parsian attack.

Arslan, follow by Daryun and a group of Soldiers finally enter the "throne room" to cofront Hilmes and Barcacion. Arslan and Hilmes exchange words,  and Hilmes rebulkes Arslan when the latter try to understand his suffering. Arslan prepares to fight Hilmes but Daryun put himself forward. Hilmes and Daryun began an furious fight, and they ended being thrown across the window and fall in the garden where they keep fighting. The two prepare to strike the final blow, and both are severely wounded by it, having their stomach pierce by their swords. As Hilmes and Daryun try to get up, the Silver Mask summonds his magicians for helps, and says to Daryun it a proof of his strong determination before fleeing with them thank to their magi while Daryun fainted before gaining the chance to stop him. In the meantime, the Keep has fallen in Parsian's hand while Sam retreat with his men after seeing the battle is lost.  Kishward orders the Parsian soldiers to treat the Lusitanian prisoners with no violence and to restraint from looting. However, he is interrupted by the sight of mass suicide of Lusitanian female civilians, who plunge at their death from the heights of the Keep's towers.
The scene is also seen by Barcacion and Arslan, who had asked the Count the yield of the Keep. Arslan is shocked by this and pledge to Barcacion to stop the suicides. Barcacion states he cannot do that, after praising Arslan's heart, and addes that the least he can do is to be with them at paradis before taking out his sword. Arslan try to prevented the Coun't suicide, grapping the sword and telling him killing himself while having survived the Battle is nonsense. In the Keep's yard, Etoile, who had survived the battle, is moving faiblement to the throne room in order to protect the count, and entered the room to only saw  Barcacion wrestling with a Parsian before tremble to the balcony and falling to his death. 

Arslan turns out and saw her, the sword tainted with the Count blood. Etoile misunderstands the scene, and attack Arslan to avenge Barcacion's death. During her attack, her helmet falls, revealing to Arslan that only he  meet her at Peshawar but also that she is a female.



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