The Battle of the Keep of Saint-Emmanuel
Season 1 Episode 23
Kanji 聖マヌエル城の攻防
Rōmaji San emanyueru no kīpu notatakai
English The Battle of the Keep of Saint-Emmanuel
Air Date September 13, 2015
Written By Kazuhiro Ozawa
Directed By Yasuto Nishikita
Opening Uzu to Uzu
Ending One Light
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The Decisive Battle
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The Battle of the Keep of Saint-Emmanuel (聖マヌエル城の攻防 San emanyueru no kīpu notatakai? ) is the 23rd episode of the Arslan Senki Anime Series.


The battle for the Keep of Saint-Emmanuel begin, with old opponents face each others and the personality of Etoile and Arslan are displayed.


At Saint-Emmanuel, Hilmes gives a passionate speech to the 100.000 soldiers gathered here, including Etoile. In the Parsian's camp, Arslan gives assignation to his Generals and Daryun is given command of the Cavalry. Before leaving to the battlefield, he promises to give good news to Arslan. Below the Keep, the Parsian Infantry begin his attack, led by Rukham and Shagad. During the fighting, Sam is show on the Keep's wall, provoking a low morale into the Parsian, Generals and simple soldiers alike. In the camp, Arslan heard the news but is not affected by the news, knowing before the battle Sam's defection. In the Keep, Etoile says to Barcacion that she will join the fight, even if he orders her to stay.
Several hours after the battle begin, the parsian soldiers began to show sign of fatigue as the keep is still in Lusitanian Hand until Xandes come out of the Castle with Lusitanian Cavalrymen and charge at them, killing a score of Parsian Troops with the goal of taking Arslan's camp and killing him. Observing the scene, Daryun led the Parsian Calvary to meet the attacking force. Zaravant, Tus and Esfan participate in the charge, killing a number of enemy. During the battle, Zaravant is nearly killed by a Lusitanian Cavalryman, but is save by Jaswant. However, he gives him no thank for his action.
In his camp Arslan then hopes that Kishward succeed in his mission : using the aqueduct to open the gate from behind. During the travel, in the sewer, Kishward and his troops meet Sam and Parsian soldiers blocking the way. After a brief exchange of word, a fight soon erupted. Kishward duels Sam, and confront the latter about his loyalty to Hilmes. Sam states that Hilmes will make a good king but Kishward claims no one will follow a man who sold out his country for the throne. On the Battlefield, the fight continue and casualties became to grown on both side. Kubard arrives on the Battlefield, making a number of kill of his own and happy to be present at the fight. Etoile kill a parsian fighting away after he refuses to listen to her religious speech. She is shocked but has to fight two more parsian soldiers. She is then pursuer by a group of Parsian troops who unhorse her. Getting up from the ground and the dirt, she saw Elam on a cliff observing the battle and recognize him as the spy she try to caught at Ecbatana. In the fortress, Hermes receives word from the battle's situation and express his readiness to deal with Arslan. Xandes manages to cut through the Parsian defenses lines, and attack Arslan's camp, but found out that the camp is deserted; Arslan, following Narsus's plan, was in another camp far way from the battlefield. Xandes's cavalry is bombard by Parsian's catapults located on a roof. Xandes retreats, hoping to regroup and launching another attack but meet Daryun on his way and a fight begin between the two : Xandes claims Daryun is responsible for letting Kharlan became an ally of Lusitanian, and swear is reputation will be cleaned once The Silver Mask take the throne. Daryun states Xandes good warrior it sad that they have to be adversary. Xandes try to pass him but Daryun's lance pierces Xandes's armor and belly. Xandes falls on the ground and blood came out of him. As Daryun comtemplates him, a man coming out from the earth shoot a arrow toward him that is deflect. The man take Xandes's body away, but not before saying blood has not shed enough yet. At his camp with Narsus and Elam, Arlan receives word that Xandes'force had been annihilated and is should give Pars the advantage. Suddenly, they are surprised by sound of fighting and Narsus go outside to see what going on. Before he can come back, the tent of Arslan is cut by Etoile follow by Lusitanian soldiers who ask where is Arslan. As she recogonize Arslan as the Boys she meet and saw that nobody move when the question is ask again, he come before her and reveal his Identity as the Crown Prince of Pars.



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