The Night Before the Attack
Season 1 Episode 22
Kanji 出撃前夜
Rōmaji Shutsugeki Zen’ya
English The Night Before The Attack
Air Date September 6, 2015
Written By Kazuhiro Ozawa
Directed By Yasuto Nishikita
Opening Uzu to Uzu
Ending One Light
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A Song of Farewell
The Battle of the Keep of Saint-Emmanuel
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The Night Before The Attack (出撃前夜 Shutsugeki Zen’ya? ) is the 22nd episode of the Arslan Senki Anime Series.


As Hilmes is set to confront Arslan on the Battlefield, the latter is thinking about the War's casualties and his soldiers' training.


Pars Era, The Year 320, MayEdit

At Ecbatana, Guiscard and Lusitanian Generals receive reports about Arslan's army strength; Guiscard said the number of soldiers under Arslan has been altered in order to lured the Lusitanian Army; a opinion confirmed by Hilmes, who arrived. A fight between Hilmes and the Lusitanian is prevent by Guiscard after provocative statement toward Hilmes and vice-versa. Hilmes ask to be put in command of 70.000 Lusitanian soldiers, that he will lead with his 30.000 parsian soldiers to defeat Arslan. Guiscard agrees to the demand. Later, Hilmes visits Andragoras and tell him he will leave to fight his son, but Andragoras III show himself not affected by the news ; he add he has not fallen such low to keep his fate in Arslan's succes. He also mentioned a prophecy to Hilmes about the Royal Family, before provokating Hilmes, calling him a "boy". As Hilmes leave after promising to bring the head of Arslan, Andragoras smile.
In the meantime, Elam and Alfreed have infiltrating Ecbatana in order to heard rumour about Guiscard's plan. In a tavern, they learn that the force charge to repulse Arslan will be under the Command of Xandes and Sam. They report back their discovery to Arslan, who is shocked along Daryun that a Distinguish General like Sam side with Hilmes and Lusitania. In another tent, where Gieve, Falangies and Alfreed are, the first notes that the leave of Gieve has diminish the funny events , and ask Falangies if she misses Gieve. She responds negatively, but state Gieve's is still in Arslan's heart.
The next days, Daryun and Arslan pratices swordfight, and arslan is disarm by Daryun after a few strikes. Daryun says Arslan improves his skills, but the latter remarks they are being observed by foot soldiers who look away. Arslan then orders the soldiers to be given proper training. Observing the training, Narsus, while speaking to Daryun, remarks that the foot soldiers in Arslan's Army were all slaves and weren't given any military training before asking if Daryun would pled allegiance to the Silver Mask if arslan renounces the crown, but Daryun staunchly refuse.



  • Footmens of the Parsian Army were all slaves.

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