A Song of Farewell
Episode 21
Season 1 Episode 21
Kanji さよならのÀ歌
Rōmaji Sayonara no À uta
English A Song of Farewell
Air Date August 30, 2015
Written By Kazuhiro Ozawa
Directed By Yasuto Nishikita
Opening Uzu to Uzu
Ending One Light
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The True Face of A Knight
The Night Before The Attack
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A Song of Farewell (さよならのÀ歌 Sayonara no À uta? ) is the 21st episode of the Arslan Senki Anime Series.


Arslan begin his March to retake Ecbatana, but must separate himself from one of his ally and face his lords' sentiments.


The days before the launch of the Parsian Offensive, Zaravant, with Tus and Esfan, is arguing again with Jaswant as they want to Narsus about their position in the order of Battle, a scene saw by Narsus and Daryun. Gieve interject himself oh the talk, and begin to argue with Zaravant too. However, the dispute is stop By Narsus's arrival who manage to calm down Zaravant and the other. Later, Narsus decides to attenuate the Lords' discontent with a scheme.

The night before the offensive-Day, at the Army camp where a feast is held with Arslan's presence, Gieve mentioned that to Esfan that he was him who killed his brother Shapur, tauting him. The enraged Esfan soon engaged Gieve in a fist fight. The fist fight soon transformed into a sword fight, observed by Kishward, Generals, Lords and soldiers. The Fight is stop by Falangies who thrown a dagger between the two. Arslan and Daryun soon arrived, and Daryun strikes Gieve in the face for his provocation toward Esfan, and Arslan banishes Gieve, a announce who shock the observer, and Gieve who leave after wishing good luck to Arslan in the battlefield. Latter, At Arslan Chamber it is revealed that Gieve's banishment was an act; Narsus having ask him to search someone and use this opportunity to appease the Lords'anger, though Arslan is sad to not have the chance to said goodbye to Gieve. In the meantime, Kubard, who is close to Peshawar, is blocked by Parsian soldiers send by Xandes, who wish to kill him for leaving the Silver Mask's service. Kubard thinks he will break Sam's wish of a loyalty to Hilmes, before cutting down his attackers.

The next Days, the immense Army of Arslan leave Peshawar toward the West, toward Ecbatana. At Ecbatana, Guiscard receive report about Arslan's move, and is told Generals Baudouin and Montferrat are mustering the Lusitanian Troops scattered across the occupied Pars except the Parsian troops of Hilmes who hasn't move back to Ecbatana yet, but Guiscard is confident that the Silver Mask will eventually move to Ecbatana in order to defeat Arslan and that he will controll Hilmes until his useful end. At the Parsian's camp, Narsus explains their target is the keep of Saint-Emmanuel, an once abandoned Parsian Fortress reoccupied by the Lusitanian and that they will use the fact that it commander, Count Barcacion, is not a military man. He also states there is no need to take the nearby Chassum Fortress, built in order to control a key point along the highway and keep an eye on the Parsian whereas the Lords were asking permission to lay siege on it. Later, as the Lords are leading the vanguard, they perceive a Lusitanian's foritification before them, and decide to attack it in search of glory in the battlefield even if the troops behind them will be unable to communicate with them or join them. However, it prove to be a trap, as Lusitanian on the cliffs along the road thrown tree on the road, which result in the Lord's force being cut off from the the rest of the army and be attacked by Lusitanian Cavalry and Infantry. Later, Narsus reports that Zaravant and the other have been completely cut off, driven into the mountain after engaging a Lusitanian force on the highway and being pursued by them. Arslan's advisor says it will hard to find them in the dark and that they may keep marching toward Ecbatana, but Arslan want to save them and Narsus states he send Elam and Alfreed to scout the area but they don't manage to found them. Farangis, however, state a gin will give away their location as she heard a sound. In the meantime, The Lord's force have been surrounded by their pursuers, and they prepare to die with the goal of their death being no in vain. However, before they can engage, the rest of the Parsian Army lead by Kishward and Daryun attack the Lusitanian and the lords decide to join them in the fight. It revealed that is Gieve who found them. After the defeat of the Lusitanians, the Lords kneel before Arslan and ask why he come back to save them.


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