The End of Winter
Season 1 Episode 19
Kanji 冬の終り
Rōmaji Fuyu no Owari
English The End of Winter
Air Date August 16, 2015
Written By Kazuhiro Ozawa
Directed By Yasuto Nishikata
Opening Uzu to Uzu
Ending One Light
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Once Again Across the River
The True Face of A Knight
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The End of Winter (冬の終り Fuyu no owari? ) is the 19th episode of the Arslan Senki Anime series.


Now with Jaswant in his party, Arslan returns to Peshawar, while back at Ecbatana, Silvermask gathers allies and manpower seeking to one day liberating Pars and taking the throne for himself.


At Ecbatana, Guiscard task Hilmes to destroy the Temple Knights at the Zabul Citadel after they made pointed demands ( such as the execution of Tahamine and Andragoras). At his room, Hilmes though to refuse Guiscard's demand but Sam advices him to follow the order, as he could raise an army, use the Lusitanians' coffers and made a truly welcome thing for the people of Pars.

He finally convince Hilmes after saying an descendant of the Hero King has no chance of defeat. As Sam go to a prison cell, his remembers the events that led to his capture and his service to the Silver Mask. He meet the Imprisoned King Andragoras III, bowing before him and asking if he assassinate King Osroes and try to burn Hilmes to death. Androgoras responds that they have always been assassinations among the Royal Family since generations and states why a man such as Sam who search answer, after suggesting he really did the crime he has been accused. Andragoras ends his responds before lauding.
At Guiscard's office, Hilmes accepts his offer but state that he must be give weapons and supplies to make readily available his army and allowed to assemble an Army of Parsians. Guiscard agrees to his demands and after Hilmes left, he states to one of his General that he knows that Hilmes is plotting and can raise his Troops against Lusitania but he ignores this threat as for the time being Hilmes has agreed to fight the Bodin's Knights holed at Zabul Castle. Sam says he is confident the castle can easily be taken as Hilmes talk about his intentions to drive off the Lusitanian of the Country. The 1st March, Hilmes led the a punitive force of 30.000 Parsians men against Zabul Castle, a number that disturb the Lusitanians Generals, thought Guiscard is certain that the number will decreased after the Battle.

At the Camp, Sam is told by Peaseant that A formidable warrior who claims to be a high ranking Parsian Officer has killed deserter from the Knights Templar and ask Hilmes to let him recruit the man. At a cavern, Sam meet the warrior, Marzban Kubard and told him about his punitive expedition to Zabul Castle after narrating him the situation of the Capital and propose Kubad to join the Force. At Zabul Castle, The troops burned a Templar's flag, which lead Bodin to orders the Templar's Cavalry to came out of the Castle and charge the punitive Force while Xandes led the Parsian Cavalry's charge and Kubad wait in reserve. The Parsian infantry begin to retreat but Hilmes lead a charge on their flank. As the Templar want to evade them Kubad charge with his Troops and kill many of his opponents. Sam is nearly killed when he is unhorse but is saved by Hilmes, who tells him he will not permit Sam to die until he will be crowned King.
At the end of the Days, The Parsians had been victorious and the Temple Knights left two thousands of their upon the Battlefield and took refuge in the Zabul Castle and have close their two gates. Sam greets Kubad for his performance during the battle and tell him they have a plan to take the Castle, but they are interrupted by the arrival of Hilmes. Xandes clash with Kubad after Kubad ask Hilmes why he want to take the throne and if they were the Lusitanian who stole the throne from him. Kubad says he will leave as the Defeat of Atropatene permit him to do as he please. Hilmes shows no objection and leave. Kubad says to Sam a succession war will likely happen when the Lusitanians will be driven back, and show his refusal to be caught up in the dispute. He is surprise when Sam informed him that the Court-hating Narsus serve Arslan with Daryun. He leave the camp after praying good fortune in the battle to Sam and informing him that he is a unbeliever.

In the same month, at Peshawar, Arslan issued two historically momentous proclamations : one decree to Pursue and Destroy Lusitania which appeals all Parsians to come at the Citadel of Peshawar under Command of Arslan in order to drive off the Lusitanians invaders. The other decree abolish Slavery which state that Arslan will free all slaves.


Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


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