Once Again Across the River
Season 1 Episode 18
Kanji ふたたび河をこえて
Rōmaji Futatabi kawa o koete
English The Duel Before the Gods
Air Date August 9, 2015
Written By Kazuhiro Ozawa
Directed By Yasuto Nishikata
Opening Uzu to Uzu
Ending One Light
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The Duel Before The Gods
The End of the Winter
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Once Again Across the River (ふたたび河をこえて Futatabi kawa o koete? ) is the 18th episode of the Arslan Senki Anime series.


Following his father's death and his brother's execution, Rajendra is crowned the king of Shindra. Arslan and his army then return to Pars, but Rajendra decides to repay all the help he recieved from them with one last act of treason.


Before Karikala died, Rajendra swears he will have Gadevi imprisoned instead of be executed. At the Royal Funeral, Arslan's party remarks how the King was loved by his subject and that even if King Rajendra's tear is not an act, he is fooling everybody, even himself as he such a performer.

In the meantime, Arslan orders Jaswant to be freed from jail and offers him to join his service but he didn't respond as Rajendra comes to speak to Arslan : Arslan is invited to a Banquet for Gadevi. Arslan's party are informed that it is a tradition to offer a Banquet for a Royal Family member before the man being executed. A horrified Gadevi kneels before Rajendra, asking to be spared but Rajendra tells if for a Prince to kneel. The conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Prince Arslan, that Gadevi saw as the man who brought his demise. He break a vase, take a piece and charge towards Arslan, intending to stab him but Azrael fills his right eye and Gadevi falls to the ground in pain. The move leads Rajendra to order his brother to be executed. The next day, his head is placed on the Capital wall. As Arslan observes it, Rajendra comes to meet him, and states he will fills his part of agreement and lend to Arslan 3.000 Cavalrymen as the latter will going back to Pars the next day. Later Rajendra talks to his Generals; they tell him it is impossible to lend to Arslan such troops as Shindra is not stabilized yet, but Rajendra assures them that the 3.000 will be used to destroy the Parsian Army from within as he has planned to betray his ally. The Parsian Army begin their return march, accompanied by Rajendra's "gift" under the command of the Sindhurian General Kunthavai.
The first night of the march, Shindurian soldiers of Kunthavai go out of their tent and prepare to attack the Parsians. As fire begin to appears above the Parsian Camp, Rajendra thinks Kunthavai's soldiers have gain the upper hand and leads his main force he kept in reserve toward the camp, only to suprisely found Kunthavai and his soldiers dead or captured, the fire he saw being only wood fires and Parsian Soldiers hiding in their tent and ready to fight. A battle soon erupts and Rajendra attempt to flee, only to be stopped by Falangies and Daryun. He threw a dagger toward Arslan when the latter shows up before him, but the dagger is grabbed by Jaswant who warned Narsus about Rajendra's treason, confirming Rajendra's suspicion about the leak. Later, Rajendra is presented to Arslan and insulted along the way by Parsian Soldiers. Rajendra first heard from Arslan that he will be taken captive to Pars for two years. As Rajendra seems not to be cared at first, he begin to lost patience when Narsus shows up and tells him Pars will send the letter to Shindra's Neighboring country, informing them that the Country will be leaderless and that they will certainly invade it.

Finally, Rajendra is forced to sign a non-aggression treaty and retreat to the Capital. However, Narsus is certain Rajendra will try to invade Pars again in a few years and this is another reason to repulse the Lusitanians invaders. Jaswant swears to serve Arslan , as he saved Jaswant on three separate occasions and has a debt to repay. The scene is well taken by Arslan's party.


Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


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