Elegy of The Setting Sun
Season 1 Episode 16
Kanji 落日悲歌
Rōmaji Shindoura no kurohyō
English Elegy of the Setting Sun
Air Date July 26, 2015
Written By Kazuhiro Ozawa
Directed By Yasuto Nishikata
Opening Uzu to Uzu
Ending One Light
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The Black Leopard of Shindra
The Duel Before The Gods
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Elegy of The Setting Sun (落日悲歌 Rakujitsu hika? ) is the 16th episode of the Arslan Senki Anime series.


Gadevi commands his army to bring down Arslan and Rajendra's alliance. Believing that he got the Parsian forces isolated, Gadevi commands his main force against Rajendra's, gaining the upper hand, until the Parsians, having outsmarted their enemies once again, join the battle as well.


At the fortress of Gujarat, Elam informs Arslan and his staff that Gadevi has departed from Uraiyur, leading his war elephants and also that Rajendra's Army has circled behind Gadevi's Army. The Army of Gadevi numbered 150 thousand mens while his opponents only numbered 60 thousand, making a clear difference in strength.

Arslan's staff realizes caughted Gadevi's Army between them and Rajendra's troops doesn't not give the tactical advantage as Gadevi overwhelmingly outnumbers them, before stating that if Gadevi split his force to confront Rajendra and Arslan separately, they would certainly lose.
At Gadevi's camp, Gadevi reprimands Jaswant for the losse of the Fortress of Gujarat is nearly execute him but is prevent by Mahendra who plead for his Spy's life. After Gadevi leave , Mahendra states that Gadevi has far too little compassion for other, an fact that make Jaswant to remembers Arslan's personality. At Gujarat, Daryun and Narsus receives the news that Gadevi's army has indeed split in two, and think about the possibility of a fight over the throne between Arslan and Hilmes.

The Army of the Shindhuran Brother meet at the Fields of Chandigarh, in the February of the Year 320 of the Parsian Era. After Gadevi and Rajendra made their battle speech and insult their opponent, the former begin the battle by ordering his Cavalry to charge accros the river separing to crush his brother's army : Gadevi's calvary and infantry meet and fight Rajendra's infantry. Jaswant notes that the river is keeping Gadevi's army split up and he cannot make the most of Gadevi's strength in numbers. After being informed that his frontline is being pushed back , Gadevi sent in his war elephants.
The elephants push back Rajendra's infantry but Rajendra has predicted that they would joined the fight and order his archers to shower the elephants. However, it doesn't stop the elephants who charge at the archers line and break them. Observing the scene, Rajendra's general tell him the elephants must be drugged in order to fight well in the snow. A report then informs him that the Parsian army has been surrounded at the Fortress of Gujarat and are being forced to remain there. The report shock Rajendra as his Cavalry and his reserves has been wiped out by the elephants.
Suddently they saw the Parsian Cavalry lead by Arslan, Daryu and Narsus who then charge at the advancing Infantry of Gadevi. During the fight, Gieve lost a opportunity to save Farangis when Alfreed kill her opponent. Arslan and Narsus explains to Rajendra they have left mannequin to trick the soldiers Gadevi sent to besiege the Fortress.
Gadevi orders his elephants to bring up the rear of the Parsian Army. Daryun lead a charge against the charging elephants but retreat just before confronting them and is became chased by them. Gadevi ignores Jaswan's advice to stop the charge as the latter think there is a trap. The elephants charge right in front of brush tht hide machinery sending spears that cut down the elephants. The elephants of Gadevi manages to stop before it too late, but found Daryun before him. Daryun cut down the calvarymen protecting Gadevi, jump on the elephant quickly disarm Gadevi. Before he can him, Jaswant jump on the elephant with his horse, engage Daryun and manage to escape with Gadevi. Arslan prevents Farangis to shoot an arrow at him.

Back at the Capital, Gadevi show no thanks for Jaswant and blame him for the loss of the battle. After Gadevi leave, Mahendra thinks he made a mistake in whom he chose to advise. They are then inform that the King of Shindra is awake.
At his bedside, Gadevi tells Karikala that Rajendra try to kill his brother and take the throne when the latter ask for to see Rajendra. He then ask him to make him the next heir to the throne but Kirikila prefers to determine his heir by a duel before the Gods.
At Arslan's camp, After Farangis explains to Arslan's staff the duel's law, Rajendra begs Daryun to fight for him as his proxy.


Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


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