The Foreign Prince
Season 1 Episode 14
Kanji 異国の王子
Rōmaji Ikoku no Ouji
English The Foreign Prince
Air Date July 12, 2015
Written By Kazuhiro Ozawa
Directed By Yasuto Nishikata
Opening Uzu to Uzu
Ending One Light
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The Foreign Prince (異国の王子 Ikoku no Ouji? ) is the 14th episode of the Arslan Senki anime series.


Arslan must fight off the invading Sindhuran Army and its leader, Prince Rajendra, an make new alliance which bring him on a mysterious path.


Arslan appears sad at the war council, because of Bahman's last words. The approaching Sindhuran army numbers about 50,000 soldiers. Arslan stays at the Peshawar fortress after Daryun and Narsus convince him that a leader of an army of a thousand soldiers cannot be present at every battle.
They depart to battle with Kishward and an army of only 10,000 soldiers. Narsus explains that a victory can't be achieved without following the 3 principles of war :

-Heaven's time
-Terrain's advantage
-People's harmony.

Narsus's statements proves to be correct : Kishward attacks Rajendra's army when his soldiers are exhausted and suffering from the cold. Rajendra leads a counter-attack but is repelled by Daryun. Sindhura's main force attempts to push back but the Sindhuran soldiers become astonished when they see Gadevi's soldiers on a hill attacking them with arrow fire from their rear ; they are in fact Parsian soldiers hiding behind Sindhura's banners and uniforms. The news disturbs Rajendra, who thought Gadevi would not know his movements. Elam and Alfreed, disguised as Sindhuran soldiers, spread false orders that spread confusion and cause Sindhuran forces to retreat. The retreating Sindhuran army soon discover that they are walking on a frozen lake which breaks itself. Rajendra manages to escape from the lake but is identified by Narsus and Daryun, who had joined him, after he responds to their calls. They engage in a sword fight, but Rajendra escapes, to the surprise of Narsus, before having his horse killed and held by Alfreed.
Taken captive to Peshawar, Rajendra is asking if he is going to be executed, but is spared after Arslan presents his apologies for having hauled him. He says that they should talk. At the dinner, Rajendra notes the successful leardership of Arslan, before trying to drink up with him, but Farangis intervenes and decide to keep the company of Rajendra, to the latter's delight, before Gieve places himself in between the two. The three have a drinking contest that Farangis clearly wins. Arslan decides then to talk to Rajendra: he will support Rajendra's claim to royalty and in exchange, Rajendra will help Arslan in his war. Rajendra refuses at first, but accepts after being informed that Pars has falsely spread words to Sindhura: that he has already accepted the alliance and a that a Parsian Army will march to the Royal Capital of Uraiyur to bring peace.

Leaving the defense of Peshawar to Marzban Kishward, Arslan resolved to accompany Rajendra's army to march towards Sindhura. Rajendra's loyalty is questioned by Daryun.
At Uraiyur, Gadevi receives words of Rajendra and Arslan's alliance, which make him angry. However, the Grand Vizier Mahendra informs him that he has already snuck in one of his men to be by Rajenda's side.


Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

  • Arslan
  • Daryun
  • Rajendra
  • Farangis
  • Gadevi


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