Elam (エラム Eramu? ) is one of the main characters of the OVA adaption of the 1991 manga written and illustrated by Chisato Nakamura based on Yoshiki Tanaka's novel series. He is Narsus' Attendant and a member of the resistance against Lusitanian invasion.


In the first two OVA, Elam has a darker skin and dark hair whereas in the other OVA he has light brown skin and hair. He wears a green or yellow tunic.


Cunning in his own way, he acts as spy to gather useful information through various disguises. He is attentive and careful and he’s fairly skilled with both a sword and a bow.



Because Narsus bought him out of slavery Elam intends to serve his "master" until he is old enough to live on his own.


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