Arslan's most trusted knight and one of Arslan's 16 Generals.

Appearance Edit

His youthful tanned face has sharp features and may well be said handsome. However, he would look far better in armor than gorgeous formal clothes. All parts of his armor is black except the lining of his cloak, which is as red as setting sun[1].

Skill Edit

He is good at using most weapons. His bow is strong and he shows best performance with his sword and spear. He also uses ‘Ji’, which he learned how to use in Selika.

Trivia Edit

In 317 of Pars era, he left Pars to an eastern country called Selika as the leader of guards for envoys. During his stay, he was in a romantic relationship with princess Xingliang (星涼公主)[2][3] .

He has been friend with Narsus since he was 7[4].

In the story beyond the latest episode of the animation series Edit

After Arslan was crowned, he and Kubard come to be called as ‘el-eran’, which means a general who is as honorable as ‘eran’. When Kishward lost the position of eran, he decided to accept the position after him. His loyalty to Arslan is growing stronger as time goes by.


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