A Village at Twilight is the 29th chapter of the Arslan Senki Manga by Hiromu Arakawa.

Summary Edit

Narsus saves Alfarid from Hilmes' attacks after the Zott Clan massacre. They flee to a nearby town, only to be pursued by something even more sinister.

Synopsis Edit

Hilmes remarks that the name Alfarid is only meant for royalty and issues her a challenge for her hubris. She accepts, and the rest of the Zott Clan attack Hilmes' soldiers while she takes on Hilmes himself. She is quickly knocked from her horse. Hilmes is about to land the finishing blow when he is interrupted by Narsus. Hilmes asks for Arslan's whereabouts, and Narsus says that he would be willing to tell him as he is dying. They are about to start fighting when Alfarid interjects, saying that Hilmes' life is hers to take. Narsus remarks that she does not even have a sword to fight with, and she asks him to lend her his. They argue while Hilmes waits impatiently. He starts to attack but is interrupted by the sound of an avalanche nearby. Narsus and Alfarid escape in the confusion.

As they ride away, Narsus explains that he created the avalanche as a distraction ahead of time. Alfarid is impressed by his intelligence. She vows to repay him at some point. Alfreed later brings up a comment Hilmes made about him being royalty. Narsus muses about what this could mean. He offers to bring Alfarid to wherever she needs to go, but he insists on staying with him.

They arrive at a village and Narsus says that he wants to buy a horse and gives Alfarid some money. She questions him about where he got it, and he says it belongs to him. They realize that the town has been ransacked and is now abandoned. They find piles of dead bodies scattered throughout the homes. Narsus asks Alfarid why she doesn't take their belongings and she admonishes him for suggesting such a thing. They are about to settle down in one of the homes to rest when they are attacked by a hand coming out of the ground. Narsus draws his sword and prepares to fight it.

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