The Site of Justice (正義のありか Seigi no Arika? ) is the 23rd chapter of the Arslan Senki Manga by Hiromu Arakawa. It was released in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine.


Arslan learns of the slave's mentality


Arslan Ch23

Arslan shocked by their reactions

Immediately following the events of defeating Hodir, his slaves begin to attack Arslan, calling him a murderer. Arslan, shocked by how they were acting, was saved by Daryun before the slaves were able to attack. Gieve rides to their side along with a horse for Arslan and the party leaves the fortress successfully. As they leave, the slaves openly grieve the loss of their master. Arslan is visibly distressed over the turn of events, worrying over where he went wrong. Narsus then explains that Hodir was a benevolent master and that from their perspective, Arslan and the others are seen as evil villains. Arslan then asks Narsus as to why he didn't warn him about how the slaves would have acted. Narsus then explains that he didn't believe that Arslan would have heeded his warning and that there are certain things that one must learn through experience.

Narsus Ch23

Narsus questioning his released slaves

Arslan asks if Narsus had learned of this the same way, to which Narsus then begins to explain what had happened after he had freed his slaves. The slaves, not knowing how to be self sufficient in society despite Narsus giving them enough funds to cover one years worth of expenses, came back to Narsus's land for work. They then complained that his father was much kinder and would have never drove them away from their work and that a life as a slave is one where you don't need to worry about food or housing. Arslan asks if that was not what Narsus truly believes, that the slavery system is unjust, to which Narsus replies that every person tries to show their ideas of justice and that each one is trying to outshine the others. Narsus then warns Arslan to not be swayed by his words and that Arslan should continue down the path that he sees as right.

Narsus Elam Ch23

Narsus eating Elam's cooking for the first time

Later that night, Arslan and his party rest for the night, Elam being on watch. Arslan wakes up and asks Elam what he's up to, Elam saying that he's preparing breakfast while on watch. Arslan joins him by the fire and says that he's impressed by Elam's cooking. Elam then explains that he learned to cook while living in the slave huts and that Narsus would unexpectedly come to visit. During one visit, Narsus tries some of Elam's cooking and commends him on the taste. In exchange for eating their meal, Narsus gives Elam and his family the duck which he had killed on his hunt. Elam says that it was Narsus's praise which led him to hone his skills. Arslan then continues to question his idea of freeing every single slave, asking Elam's whether he should or not. Gieve, who was pretending to be asleep and listening in on the pair's conversation, notes that Arslan still plans on going through with his plan although his recent decision nearly got him killed. The rest of the night, Arlsan tried to continue his conversation with Elam, asking for more advice on his plan, Elam telling Arlsan that he's not as smart as Narsus and that he should just go to bed already.

Etoile Barcacion Ch23

Etoile showing regret

The next day, Etoile is seen approaching the Fortress of Saint Emmanuel by it's current lord, Barcacion. He asks Etoile of any news and how his expedition to Ecbatana went and whether he found his captured companions or not. Etoile then tells him that he was too late to save them. Barcacion then gives Etoile his condolences and then tells him to go and have a long rest. Etoile then says that he has no time to rest when the remnants of Pars are coming together to reclaim their kingdom. Barcacion then say that he could never sent Etoile into battle since his grandfather left him in Barcacion's care. Etoile claims that a true knight knows no fear although he's only a squire at the moment. Barcacion then explains that when Etoile was captured three years ago, he and Etoile's grandfather were worried beyond belief about his safety. Aside from that, since it is true that the Pars army may attack at any time, the rebuilding of the fortress is his biggest concern of the moment. Back to the Camp of Arslan, Arlsan announces that their next destination would be Peshawar to seek Marzban Kishward for help.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


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