Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Country Lusitania
Position General
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Dark Brown
Manga Chapter 3: The Knight in black

Baudouin (ボードワン Bōdowan? ) is a Lusitanian General and a secondary characters of the Manga series The Heroic Legend of Arslan.


Baudouin has a scar on the left cheek and is bald and has a scar on the bottom of the left cheek . He is usually seen wearing a Lusitanian army's uniform and occasionally the lusitanian helmet


Ecbatana is BurningEdit

Baudouin take part in the Battle of Atropatene and the invasion of Pars, having serve in the conquest of Kingdom of Maryam just before pars's invasion. During the battle he was posted in the Lusitanian's fortification and remarks the formidable strengh of the Parsian cavalry . Near the end of the battle he started a discussion with General Montferrat.

Siege of EcbatanaEdit

Baudouin participated in the siege of the Royal Capital. When the City fell, he ordered the lusitanian soldiers to search Tahamine and the cleaning of the Royal Palace just before the arrival of King Innocentis of Lusitania. He and Montferrat were present a when the Captured Queen Tahamine was bring to the King and discussed the loyalty of the Silver Mask to Lusitania. Baudouin, along with all the other intendant, were very shocked when Innocentius announces he will marry Tahamine instead of execute her.