Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Country Lusitania
Position Count
Physical Attributes
Eye Color Purple

Baracacion (Barukashion? ) is the Lusitanian Commander of the Fortress of Saint-Emmanuel and a Count.


Baracion had white hair and whiskers. He lacks hair at the center of his head.


Barcacion doesn't appears to be a strong military man, being repulsive of war but prove to be a follower of Yaldaboath as he show no hesitation in falling to his death.


Battle of the Fortress of Saint-EmmanuelEdit

Barcacion is warned by Guiscard that the Parsian Army will attack Saint-Emmanuel after the successul battle of Chasum. He sends patrols to scout the advancing Army. Ester came at his room and ask to be part of the patrol, stating it her duty. Relucent at first of this suggestation, Barcacion agreed to let her go but comment aftermath that people who had not experienced war are more eager to saw it. When the patrol later return, pursued by a bigger Parsian Army led by Daryun, Barcacion orders the gate to be open, even if with the risk of Parsian cavalry entered the gate. Though the patrol manage to enter, The parsian entered it and seize the  control to the gate until reinforcement came and defeat the Lusitanian Garrison. Baracion retreat to the toward during the fight.
He takes part in the mass suicides that occure after the battle, being the last to fall to his death. He lives long enough to saw that Ester survived the encouter before jumping to his death while Parsian soldiers  have broken the door blocking their way to the tower.



Baracion show a great care for Ester, and is reassure when she saw her alive after the fall of the Saint-Emmanuel.