Bahadur (バハドゥール Bahado~ūru?) is one of the a secondary antagonists of the anime series The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He is a criminal from Shindra.

Appearance Edit

Bahadur has long brown hair and a pale skin.

Personality Edit

Bahadur feel no pain from blade injury, even though he lose considerable amount of blood. He has no problems at killing someone even though he was ordered to do so.

Plot Edit

Duel Before the Gods Edit

When Gadevi, one of the two claimant of the Shinduran Throne, knows that his rival and brother Rajendra had chooses The Parsian Knight and General, Daryun, as proxy in the fight before the Gods to determine the successor of Karikala II, he orders Bahadur, a giant criminal incarcerate, to be released and use in the fight.

Relationships Edit

Daryun Edit

Even though he was aware of his reputation, Bahadur seems to have considered Daryun nothing more than a big Parsian Bug.

Trivia Edit

  • The crime that sent Bahadur to prison is not knows.
  • Bahadur didn't die in the OVA Series and he is not beaten by the same Strategy of Daryun in the OVA.

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