Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 14 (Pars era 320)
Status Deceased
Country Pars
Hometown Ecbatana
Position Prince/King
Physical Attributes
Eye Color The Color of Clear Night Sky
Novel 王都炎上 アルスラーン戦記1

Appearance Edit

It is repeatedly mentioned that his eyes have the color of clear night sky. At the time of the battle of Atropatene, Daryun said that Arslan has good features and may attract attention of girls all over the capital city in few years.

At the age of 18, his height reached that of Narsus, and as Daryun had said, Arslan and Elam attracts the attention of girls when they walk together in the city in disguise.

Personality Edit

Arslan has been and is depicted as a very gentle and empathetic individual throughout the series. He is often kind to both his allies and enemies, and prefers not to engage in a battle if unnecessary; however, he is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his friends, family and kingdom. Despite his naivety and incredible benevolence, the young prince is intelligent and has enough physical strength to hold his own in battle. Arslan is also shown to be inexplicably considerate and loving to those who are close to him, and even to those who have spoken with him briefly. He is also shown to be very thoughtful and wise despite his age, mourning over the deaths of the men who have fought in battle, even if they are from an opposing army. Though he is greatly sympathetic and caring to even those who have done him wrong, when any kind of harm is brought upon his companions or innocent citizens, he is shown to be surprisingly unforgiving.

After 3 years, he becomes strong enough as a warrior to be a Shirghir.

Interests Edit

He is not attracted to luxurious life. Instead, he is interested in common citizens' life. The only luxury he prefers is to have a lot of fruits.

After becoming a king, he often walk around the city in disguise, which is one of his few hobby. Other than that, reading books can be said as his hobby.

This sometimes worries others because he doesn't show any interests on women, which makes Lucian chase around Arslan with information of prospective brides almost everyday. At first, he doesn't deny the possibility of his marriage some day in the future. However, Arslan loses the intention of having Queen in his life at a certain point.

Background Edit

Until 12, he was raised by a wet nurse and her husband, who was a knight. Arslan was told that they died from food poisoning after drinking wine. He once had stayed in the palace when he become the crown prince at the age of 5, but before and after that, he lived outside the palace and studied at a private school.


(After Capital Retaken)

He chooses Kishward as Eran, as none of Marzbans (including Daryun) doesn't want to have the heavy task.

On his 18th birthday, his army defeats that of Misr.

After that, He becomes a Shir-gir in a hunting ceremony which is held with Sindhura.

To counter attack Turk's invasion to Sindhura, Arslan makes an long expedition toward Sindhura through the land of Turan and Turk. His army defeats them including Turk's troop consist of Turanian led by Hilmes

He becomes the first person in the story to see one of evil creatures which are dependent of Zahhak's power. Arslan is attacked by an "Afra-virada"(black winged monkey-like creature) which flew into his room breaking the window.

After Ester's death, he invites Parahuda, who has been working together with Ester, as one of his important generals. Then, Arslan appoints 16 subordinates especially as Generals, including Daryun, Narsus ,Elam, Farangis, etc. They are his most reliable companions. However, he loses one of them only after 20 days of the ceremony when Zaravant was killed.

To prevent Kishward from making a suicidal attack in a battle to punish himself, as Gurazeh and Jimsa are killed during a mission under Kishward's command (though the mission itself is not the cause of their death), Arslan relieves him from Eran's duty following Narsus's opinion. Instead, he appoints Daryun as new Eran.

As there is a possibility of Misr's advance toward Pars, he leads his army to the border with some of his generals. His army wins. However, outside of the battle, he loses Narsus and Alfarid. After this, Arslan has to fight against Zahhak and other enemies with 10 remaining Generals.

Relationship Edit

Kishward Edit

Arslan and Kishward exchanged letters several times before the battle of Atropatene.