Andragoras III
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 44
Country Pars
Position King
Relatives Arslan (Son)
Osroes (Brother)
Hilmes (Nephew, biological brother)
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Anime Episode 1: The Glory of Ecbatana
Voice Actor
Japanese Takayuki Sugō
English Christopher R. Sabat

Andragoras III is is one of the secondary characters of the Anime Series The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He is Arslan's father and the former King of the Kingdom of Pars who is thought to be dead by his citizens. He has been imprisoned by his nephew Hilmes.

Appearance Edit

Andragoras is a large, strong man always wearing a stern face filled with pride for his Kingdom.

Personality Edit

Filled with pride and glory for his power of Pars, Andragoras is known for his bravery and undefeated battles against any enemies. However, it is shown that he is likely power hungry as it has been rumored that he had killed his older brother to succeed to the throne and his wife.

His pride is shown to be his weakness, as due to his overconfidence, his army lost significant losses during the battle of Atropatene and he himself was taken capture. He also isn't one to indulge in strategies or tactics or even listen to his solders, as Daryun tried to warn him about the battle but he ignored him and punished him with near expulsion for speaking his mind.

Andragoras is also an incredibly ungrateful and egotistical man, as after his escape he immediately regained control of his army and didn't even bother to thank his own son for all his efforts to take their home back and even stated his crime of ruling the army in his absence was a crime. He later forced Arslan to gather 50,000 men away from his army after regaining his status as King, which, as noted by Daryun, was the same as banishment and even refused to allow anyone to join Arslan on his quest.

Plot Edit

Ecbatana is Burning Edit

King Andragoras
In the beginning of the series, the King ordered his men to charge, engaging a fight with the Lusitanians in order to help their ally, Maryam and manged to defeat the Lusitanian army. When he got back to the capital with his army, a huge awaited crowd confronted them, cheering for their victory. His son Arslan and Lord Vahriz wait for him as Arslan happily approahced his father, stating that he was concerned about him causing King Andragoras to reply that defeat wasn't a possibility, leaving Arslan alone. The King then called up Vahriz, asking him to report all the goings-on during his absence. After he got into the palace, he entered into a room as she asked him to take off his armor. He ignored her, bringing gifts to present her with that he has gathered from Maryam, but got angry and left the room after seeing her cold attitude, stating that he will come again.

After receiving news that the Lusitanians invaded and successfully conquered the Kingdom of Maryam, entering the Kingdom of Pars by the Northeast, Andragoras led his army of 223,000 men and marched to the field of Atropatene in order to intercept the Enemy's Army. The king's pride for another victorious battle took the better of him as the Lusitanian didn't know the field and that a vast plain lie before his army; an advantage for his cavalry. However, Before the beginning of the fight, Marzban Daryun advice's him to retreat because the Lusitanian's have set up a trap. Causing Andragoras to become angry, prompting him to demote Daryun of his rank and take away his commands, before saying he will reconsiders his decision if Daryun fights well in the upcoming battle after a plead from Eran Vahriz. The Lusitanians got the upper hand and Vahriz tricked Andragoras into retreating by mentioning the Queen. On their way, they got ambushed by the enemy. Vahriz killed lots of them but got killed by a man wearing a silver mask. Andragoras asked him who he is. Angered by this question, the man charged at the king and attacked him. It is later revealed that Andragoras didn’t get killed but imprisoned.

Escape Edit

Six months later Andragoras escapes from his captures and uses Guscard as a hostage. He escaped with Tahimine in tow and kills numerous guards and releases Guscard afterwards. After reuniting with his people, he orders Arslan to gather 50,000 men to replenish his army, which was essentially the same as banishment. He also refused to allow any of Arlsan's companions to travel with him and seemed furious when he learned of Narsus and Daryun's escape.

Relationships Edit

Arslan Edit

Though indulgent with Queen Tahamenay, he is strangely strict with Arslan. Various speculation has suggested that Arslan is adopted. He's shown very little to no real care to him, going as far as to not even thank him for everything he's done in his absence and banish him to gather 50,000 men to replenish his army, something that left most in the room speechless by his coldhearted behavior.

Tahamine Edit

Tahamine is Andragoras' wife, whom he married immediately following the death of his elder brother (and Tahamine's former husband), Osroes V. Andragoras showers the queen with lavish gifts he brings back from campaigns, seemingly at an attempt to become more intimate with her. However, Tahamine simply brushes off these acts of amity, much to Andragoras' chagrin.

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