Andragoras III is one of the secondary characters of the novel series The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He is Arslan's father[1] and the former King of the Kingdom of Pars who is thought to be dead by his citizens. He has been taken captive by his nephew Hilmes.


Andragoras is a large, strong man always wearing a stern face filled with pride for his Kingdom.

Personality Edit

Filled with pride and glory for his power of Pars, Andragoras is known for his bravery and undefeated battles against any enemies. However, it is shown that he is likely power hungry as it has been rumored that he had killed his older brother Osroes to succeed to the throne and his wife.


He's assumed to have been killed by the mysterious man who calls himself Silvermask after The Battle of Atropatene.[2] It is later on revealed that Silvermask has him imprisoned to be tortured.[3]

Relationships Edit


Though indulgent with Queen Tahamenay, he is strangely strict with Arslan. Various speculation has suggested that Arslan is adopted. [4]

It is later revealed that because his wife was unable to bear another child, he adopted Arslan from a common knight's family, if only to have a male heir.


Tahamine is Andragoras' wife, whom he married immediately following the death of his elder brother (and Tahamine's former husband), Osroes V. Andragoras showers the queen with lavish gifts he brings back from campaigns, seemingly at an attempt to become more intimate with her. However, Tahamine simply brushes off these acts of amity, much to Andragoras' chagrin.


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  2. The Battle of Atropatene takes place in chapters 2 to 4 (2013 manga).
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Andragoras appears to be based most strongly on his historical namesake. Narisanka (Andragoras is the Hellenized form of the name). An Iranian Satrap of Parthia under the Greek/Macedonian Seleucid Empire, he achieved the independence of Parthia from Seleucid rule In the early 3rd century BCE, under the constant wars which affected the Seleucids. A short time later, the Aparna tribe of the Daha Confederacy would seize the oportunity to attack the now independent Parthia, which they conquered and settled; Andragoras presumably being killed in battle. These Aparna were eventually assimilated into Parthia, calling themselves Parthians and forming what would become one of the greatest Iranian empires under their Arsacid dynasty of rulers, commonly known as the Parthian Empire.

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