In Pars Era year 315, Three Kingdoms (Shindra, Turk, Turan) entered into an alliance and invaded Pars. The united forces of these kingdoms had 500,000 men.

Downfall Edit

Lord Narsus freed two thousand war prisoners and started to spread rumors. To the Turkish army, he spread the rumor that Shindra had betrayed them and was colluding with Pars, and as a proof of that, all the Shindran prisoners of war would be freed. To the Turanian army, he spread the rumor that the Turks were in league with Pars. Also, he told the Shindran prisoners that he released, that Turan and Turk would attack Shindra. Thus, the Alliance of Three Kingdoms become beset with suspicions and fell apart from within. Taking advantage of this, Pars easily defeated these kingdoms and their cavalry unit became renown across the continent.

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