Alfreed 75701.jpg
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 16
Status Alive 
Country Pars
Position a member of the Camp of Arslan 
Relatives Heyrtash (Father)

Melrain (Brother)

Physical Attributes
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Red
Anime Episode 12
Voice Actor
Japanese Manami Numakura (Anime)

Alfreed (アルフリード Arufurīdo?) is one of the main characters of the anime series, The Heroic Legend of Arslan. She is the daughter of the Zott Tribe leader Heyrtash and one of the members of the Camp of Arslan.

Appearance Edit

Alfreed Anime Design

She has short red hair and matching red eyes. She has two red markings on her cheeks, similar to other members of the Zott Tribe. She wears a blue scarf on her head. She wears a salmon coloured shirt under her orange cape. She sports a metal spaulder on her left shoulder and her left arm is covered in metal decorations.

Personality Edit

She has a childish personality and is quick to anger. She is fearless can sometimes overestimate her own abilities, as shown when she tried to take on Hilmes even though she was greatly outmatched.


Road to PeshawarEdit

Alfreed Narsus Ep12
Alfreed first appears during the Attack of the Azoto Tribe on Hilmes's escort. The attackers are wiped out, except Alfreed who want to avenge her deceased Father by Killing Hilmes. However, the fight is interrupted by Narsus, who manages to save her and escape with her. At a safe place, She says she will accompagnied her savior.

Two PrincesEdit

While the Lusitanians were about to ambush Narsus' friends, she appeared with Narsus, Kishward and Parsian soldiers on their sides. Kishward killed lots of them and forced the Lusitanians to retreat. Kishward welcomed Arslan and his company to Peshawar. When she is asked to present herself, she declares she is Narsus' wife, to the group's surprise, especially of Elam's, Narsus' attendant. Along with the Party, she finally arrives to the Fortress of Peshawar.

They entered Peshawar and everyone started to talk about Alfreed and Narsus. Gieve said that even Narsus will fall victim to temptation. Narsus said that they got everything wrong and asked Alfreed to explain. Alfreed said that they aren’t officially married, so she is just his lover for now. This shocked the company and Narsus even more. Narsus said that he just saved her when she was getting attacked and tried to avoid further questions. Bahman and Kishward came and welcomed Arslan. They stated that the 80,000 soldiers in Peshawar will swear their loyalty to Arslan.

While she was looking for Narsus, she entered into Elam’s room. She asked Elam if he knows where Narsus is and Elam told her that he is in a meeting. Then Alfreed told him to tell her everything he knows about Narsus, but Elam asked her to refrain from being familiar with Narsus. But she had no intention to do so. Elam stated that she doesn’t even know her favorite foods and stated that food made from the likes of her could no possibly be to his taste. This made Alfreed angry and she stated that she is older than Elam. They continued to argue, and then stopped talking to each other.

Later she went to Farangis' room and angrily, started to say things about Elam. Farangis asked her if she likes Narsus or not. After looking at her body, Alfreed asked if there is something wrong with that. Farangis told her that if she likes him, she best not proves a hindrance to him as he is busy with building a new kingdom. Alfreed boldly stated that building a new kingdom is meaningless. She stated that it will only create new nobles and more slaves, but Farangis told her that "her" Narsus may find a way to overcome those things and stated that Alfreed fell in love with Narsus because he is that kind of man. Alfreed started to blush.